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  • Bonan


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    Thomas Hyka once played a famous TV barbarian named Bonan, but twenty years later he has been reduced to comic-cons and autograph signings for fans like Don Diego and Veronica Leal. Don and Veronica are two different kinds of fans. Don is a nerd who wants

  • Tattooed tight body fucked outside

    Tattooed tight body fucked outside

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    Tattooed tight body fucked outsideI had placed an ad online looking for models, which is how I came to meet Isabel Dark in a park. Isabel was interested in becoming a professional model, as the 23 year old had previously only done private shoots for no mo

  • World Cup Fever

    World Cup Fever

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    It's World Cup Season, and while some like Samba Steve (Steve Qute) like to watch the game live on TV, lovely ladies like Alexa Nova and friends like to play football for real! An errant ball smacking off of his window causes Steve to come outside, where

  • Skinny petite model loves big cock

    Skinny petite model loves big cock

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    I had spoken to Rhiannon Ryder over the phone before our interview, but she was even more sexy in person than her voice suggested. I started by recapping our conversation, then asked Rhiannon if she had any questions. The Scottish blonde was interested in

  • Dirty Yoga Teacher

    Dirty Yoga Teacher

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    Canela Skin and Violetta have been wanting to try yoga for a while, so they sign up for a class with an instructor named Lutro Steel. Entering the studio, it isn't the mood or the decor that catches their eye, because they can't look away from Lutro's big

  • Great body and red hair takes cock

    Great body and red hair takes cock

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    I saw Charlie Red leaving a building and was so attracted to her ass that I practically ran to catch up with her. I had won quite a bit of money at the casino the day before, so I told her I wanted to spend that cash on something I like, so I offered her

  • Big tits blowjob and fuck in woods

    Big tits blowjob and fuck in woods

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    I was driving down the highway today when I saw a nice girl on the side of the road, a busty British babe named Harmony Reigns. Harmony was visiting Prague by herself for fun and she had gone out partying the night before, but was now a little lost. I off

  • Popular The Movie Producer

    The Movie Producer

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    Badass powerful producer Aubrey Black is casting her new movie, and is in need of a distraction so she can relax and take her mind off her work. Spotting Steve Q near the elevators of her building, Aubrey puts him through a brief audition...but what Steve

  • Popular Hot masturbating model craves cock

    Hot masturbating model craves cock

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    I was a little stressed when Violetta came into my new office. I was having a bit of a disagreement with my former landlords about rental prices, so in my haste to relocate, I had not had the chance to unpack anything but the casting couch. Seeing Violett

  • Popular Brit fucked hard under the bridge

    Brit fucked hard under the bridge

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    I saw Rhiannon Ryder sitting on a bench in the park and I immediately knew I wanted to fuck her. I was a little surprised to find out she was from the UK, but I love horny British women. Rhiannon was in Prague to study make-up and hairdressing, and from o

  • Popular Prison Heat

    Prison Heat

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    It's hard living in the clink for prison hotties Darcia Lee and Harmony Reigns. Locked in a cell together with no cock to be found, the ladies find themselves constantly day dreaming about dick, so much so that it begins to annoy the guard, Stirling Coope

  • Sex Doctor

    Sex Doctor

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    Husband and wife Steve Q and Lovita Fate have been having trouble in their sex life, namely, that they aren't having any, so they go see Sex Doctor Megan Inky for some kinky help. Beginning with questions about the couple's sex life, Megan asks Lovita if

  • Pretty pink pussy licked and fucked

    Pretty pink pussy licked and fucked

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    I had a lovely brunette lady named Asdis Loren on the casting couch today. Asdis knew how good looking she was, so she wanted to use those assets to her advantage and try out some modeling. I told her if money was what she was after, there was no job avai

  • Toilet fuck with sexy big tits babe

    Toilet fuck with sexy big tits babe

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    Getting Jolee Love naked was a bit more of a challenge than most women I fuck, but money always wins in the end. I saw Jolee get off the bus and I knew I wanted to fuck her, so I walked up and introduced myself. Jolee was from Germany, but working in a cl

  • Sugar Mommy

    Sugar Mommy

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    It's Don Diego's birthday, and his older brother has a special surprise for him. He tells Don to stop watching porn, because his virginity has been auctioned off online, and his new sugar mamma Joanna Bujoli is on her way over! Don can't believe his luck

  • Popular Multiple orgasms in public toilet

    Multiple orgasms in public toilet

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    I saw Angel Emily as she got off the bus, and I was a little out of breath by the time I caught up to her. Angel was a petite spinner from Paris, France, 20 years old, and studying aesthetics in university. I thought she might like the opportunity to earn

  • Popular Cheeky Brit gets a Pounding

    Cheeky Brit gets a Pounding

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    I had spent the night with some friends at the casino and woken up with a bunch of money, so I decided to treat myself when I saw cheeky Brit Carmel Anderson walking down the street and approach her. Carmel was single, and in town on holiday, and clearly

  • Popular Squirt Spa

    Squirt Spa

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    Licky Lex and Foxy Sanie have booked themselves a spa day with Veronica Leal, and drag Steve Q along because they need someone to carry their bags! As the ladies change behind a curtain, Steve reaches through and pulls down Licky's top, exposing her boobs

  • Popular Office fuck for sexy British model

    Office fuck for sexy British model

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    Posh British model Carmel Anderson came to my office to make a casting video and really blew me away. I had no idea when this cute, natural beauty with the stunning blue eyes, slender body, and small natural tits sat down on the couch and looked into the

  • Popular Hot blonde fucks for czech cash

    Hot blonde fucks for czech cash

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    I couldn't figure out the best way to talk to hot blonde Ssindy Rako, so I just took out my cock and started wanking. Ssindy noticed and came over to talk to me. I offered her some money to show me her tits for 4000 crowns, and Ssindy agreed, and flashed

  • Popular Step Moms Surprise

    Step Moms Surprise

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    Steve is bringing his son Don over to meet his new wife, Francys Belle. Francys invites the men to the dinner table, and immediately starts making eyes at her new step-son. Offering Steve a bite to eat, Francys asks Don to help her in the kitchen, where s

  • Popular Innocent lady with natural tits

    Innocent lady with natural tits

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    Violetta was waiting for the bus, a beautiful redheaded Russian with natural tits. I asked her if she had two minutes for a small interview. I told Violetta I was a casting agent from a small modeling job, and how she could make a lot of money for posing

  • Popular Hot Thai in gas station toilet fuck

    Hot Thai in gas station toilet fuck

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    It's pretty rare to see a Thai beauty like Suzie Q walking the streets of Prague, especially one who only speaks Italian! Using my phone to translate I told Suzie that I was a rich man with a lot of money. We might not have spoken the same language, but c

  • Popular The Hotel Room

    The Hotel Room

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    Looking forward to a relaxing night in a beautiful hotel room, Lutro Steel is surprised to find the room in shambles and Rachel Adjani in the bed! Calling reception, Lutro is informed the hotel has accidentally double booked the room. There are worse thin